Sunday March 29th, 2020

Deuteronomy 6:6-7, Ephesians 6:4, Isaiah 59:14

The Easter season is upon us. Its time to tell the truth about Easter. To look at our culture today you would think its about rabbits, eggs, baskets of candy and parties. 

Even in many churches these things get more attention than the truth about Jesus. 

The word Easter in the Bible is mentioned as a date on the calendar which celebrated Ostara - the pagan goddess of fertility. This was celebrated at the same time as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Over the years Christians assigned Easter as a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Over the years Easter has represented the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Over the last hundred years, the pagans use of rabbits and eggs have been introduced into the culture so much so that the stores barely acknowledge the true reasons, if mentioned at all, the message of Easter. 

In the midst of this tragedy what can we do? Its time to tell the truth. Good Friday, Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He was buried in a tomb. On Easter Sunday early in the morning he rose from the dead. His rising from the dead shows us that our sins can be forgiven and we have eternal life with Jesus in Heaven. Our part is to repent of our sins and receive Jesus as our only savior.   

Up from the grave he arose with a mighty triumph over his foes.

Praise God with a loud happy voice.

Happy Easter, Pastor and Helen


Gods Intent For All

Wednesday March 25th, 2020

Adapted from "The Ten Things To Make Your Life Strong" by Rick Renner. 

1 Corinthians 1:4-9 NKJV


The believers in the Early Church had a genuine passion for the work of the Holy Spirit, and we see Him mightily moving in and through their lives. This is clearly visible throughout the book of Acts. Not only does Acts provide a detailed history of the Church, it also provides a pattern for every church and believe throughout all generations. The occurrences recorded in the pages of Acts should be happening in the lives of believers today.


The Church of Corinth Flowed Mightily in the Gifts.

No New Testament Church knew more about the gifts of the Holy Spirit than the church of Corinth. This is clearly confirmed in the First Corinthians 1:4-9. In verse 4, the apostle Paul said, "I thank my God always on your behalf, for the grace of God which is given you by Jesus Christ." The word "grace" here is the Greek word Charis, and it describes here God's supernatural touch that empowers us to be different. It is the touch of the Holy Spirit Himself in our lives. The Corinthians were experiences this regularly and in abundance!


In verse 5  Paul said, "That in every thing ye are enriched be him, in all utterance, and in all knowledge." The word "enriched" is the Greek word plousios, and it describes someone with so much wealth, he is not sure exactly how much he has! Paul used this word to describe how many manifestations of the Holy Spirit the Corinthian church was experiencing. When it comes to the operations of the Holy Spirit, the believers in Corinth were overwhelmingly rich. There were just to many occurrences to track, and Paul commended them for this. they were enriched "in all utterance, and in all knowledge." The utterance gifts of the Holy spirit include speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues, and prophecy. The knowledge gifts include the word of wisdom, word of knowledge, and discerning of spirits.


The Gifts of the Spirit Make Jesus More Real to People

In verse 6, Paul continued, "Even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you." The "testimony of Christ" is what Jesus did during His life on earth. He was a Healer, Prophet, and Miracle-Worker. These things and more are recorded in the Scripture, and we believe them about Jesus, as did the Corinthians. But when the gifts of the Holy Spirit are in operation, the Spirit takes what we know about Jesus in the realm of our mind-because of what we read in the Scripture-and brings it out into the realm of our present reality.


The Corinthians believed what they had heard about Jesus, but the working of the Holy Spirit in their midst brought the Person of Jesus alive before their very eyes. The same is true for you. When the gift of healing is in operation, the Holy Spirit takes the image of Jesus as Healer out of the "invisible" realm of history and brings it into your present-day reality. The Holy Spirit desires to do this with every aspect of Jesus' character. The gift of the Holy Spirit "confirm" the testimony of Christ. The word "confirm" in Greek means to authenticate, establish, or make real. The gifts of the Holy Spirit make Jesus real to us! This is why having a passion for the Holy Spirit is so important.


'Second to None'-god's Intent for All People for All Generations

In First Corinthians 1:7, Paul said, "So that ye come behind in no gift; waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." The phrase "come behind" in Greek means to have no deficit of spiritual gifts. In other words, the believers at Corinth were second to none when it came to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Holy Spirit intentionally make room for you in my life. Fill me with the Holy Spirit and give me awareness and a passion for the spiritual gift you want for me to be used in.

In Jesus name- Amen



Sunday March 22nd, 2020

1 Timothy 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith...

Like it or not life is full of obstacles and hindrances. 

Winners and successful people in all areas of life are those who overcome the obstacles that they had to deal with. 

From the athlete to the builder, to the teacher to the mother, and any areas of life there are obstacles to succeed. 

The book "Pilgrims Progress" is a story of the Christians battle and victory in the christian journey to the celestial city.

In this day, many are shocked to find difficulties and struggles in our walk.

The Bible is a book of the stories about winners in the fight of faith.

Some typical hindrances are: fear devils arrows, persecution, temptation, discouragement, false preachers apathy and more. One of the highest obstacles is seeing circumstances that tell us we cant do it- whatever it is.

Part of the good fight is to know that with God, nothing is impossible. That is Gods will.

When faced with the hindrances seem to big, pray for Gods guidance. Study the scriptures and join Abraham who against hope believed in hope. do what God says and by faith receives the answer.

The corona virus is a hindrance to almost everyone. Psalms 91:10 says "No evil shall befall you, Nor shall any PLAGUE come near our dwelling"

Stand in faith on the promise. It is interesting that the promise is to your dwelling place, your home, as to your dwelling place, your home, as in the Passover the safe place is under the blood of Jesus. 

Unfortunately, some have used Psalm 91 to arrogantly think that they can go anywhere and nothing will happen to them.

Don't be foolish. Obey the law. Fight the fight scriptural and be a winner.

Dear God, 

Give us the power to fight what we need to fight and the wisdom to know how to.