South Butler Assembly's Leadership

  • lead pastor

    Pastor Frank was dramatically saved in 1982 from a life of drugs and alcohol, Pastor Frank was immediately set on fire for Jesus. Though he would say his beginnings were somewhat legalistic, it was black & white. You needed Jesus or you were going to hell. This truth still holds true, but he now ministers with more grace and compassion allowing the Holy Spirit to do the convicting instead of himself.

    Pastor Frank has always had an intense love of the Word of God. This is evident in his preaching. He believes and preaches that in the Word you will find all that you have need of. God is the same yesterday, today & forever. His desire is to see all who accept Christ, walk in freedom in every area of their lives. Experiencing the Joy, Peace, Healing, Love & Victory that Christ has made available for us.

  • business administrator

    Dave a man full of wisdom, compassion and a heart for God with a passion for excellence in business. He helps to oversee the business aspects of the Church as well as tending to numerous other functions and areas of the Ministry. His persistence in seeking out and doing what is necessary for the Church to Glorify God is his primary and utmost concern.